10 reasons to become a pilot

  1. Travel – Flying is one of the ultimate jobs for traveling.
  2. Beautiful Desk – As a pilot, you are paid to fly. This means that your office has an infinite view of the world over the world.
  3. Freedom– Flying provides a sense of freedom that you can only find in the sky.
  4. Adventure – There is no doubt that flying is an adventure. Every time you fly, you discover a new destination.
  5. Career choice -Most people think that airline pilots are the main pilot career, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  6. Financial Rewards – In general, salary are pretty good.
  7. Pilot Shortage – There is a constant shortage of pilots. If you do your flying hours, you are almost guaranteed to be able to find work
  8. Diversity -Even when the initial adrenaline rush fades away and you’ve gained such an experience that your actions are almost automated, there’s always a new place to drive or a new plane to learn!
  9. Flying makes you smarter – You’ll get knowledge you never thought you needed to know. You will become a better planner and a logical decision maker. You will learn how to manage resources, be patient and operate safely, with a sense of urgency.
  10. You’ll join an elite group – Pilots may have the reputation of being bold, careless and insensitive, but this stereotype can not be further from the truth. When you become a pilot, you instantly join a fraternity.



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