How to become a pilot



The imperative of safety for passengers, pilots and all populations, requires pilots to pass a special medical examination that aims to eliminate any doubt about a possible medical problem physically and mentally.

This medical examination is practiced by qualified Aero-medical doctors and Aero-medical centers where it is possible to carry out a medical examination of aptitude is available for consultation.

There are 2 classes of aptitude:


  1. Professional seagoing candidates who must meet the requirements of Class 1 (and are seen by the CEMPN)

  2. Non-professional applicants who must meet the requirements of Class 2 (and are seen by approved doctors)


I urge you to spend as early as possible to anticipate potential problems that you may encounter, but also to avoid possible expenses ..


In addition, be aware that Class 1 can be removed at any time by the Civil Aviation Authority. To not jeopardize your career, it’s up to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle !




The requirements are dependent on the schools, so I will introduce you to the most common ADAPT :


(Powers, Percentages, Scales, Pythagorean Theorem, Angles, Equations, Trigonometry, Functions / Derivatives)
(Fluid Mechanics, Pressure, Density, Density, Bases of Electricity, Vectors, Newton Law, Acceleration)
(Grammar, listening)
(Multitasking, stress resistance)
Personality test
(Example: I appreciate imagination and innovation or I appreciate realism and common sense ..)


The ADAPT test battery used by the evaluating organization / school can incorporate hand-eye coordination tests, arithmetic calculation, memory, multitasking, spatial awareness and spatial orientation, physics comprehension, verbal reasoning , English linguistic knowledge and theoretical ATPL.

Higher education is highly recommended.




There are several ways to become a pilot. (Civil or Military)

State way : You can enter the entrance examination. Attention, contests are very selective, and few candidates are received each year. But who does not try anything, has nothing .. If others get there, why not you? If you succeed, you get free training.


Self-learning : There are two ways to get all the airline pilot qualifications, integrated training and modular training. (count between 60,000 and 140,000 euros for a complete training)


Integrated Training : This method allows you to obtain your licenses and qualifications in a reduced number of hours; it is the fastest way to become an airline pilot (approximately 18 months). It does not allow to have a job next, because it requires 100% of your availability.


Modular Training : This training consists of passing licenses and qualifications step by step, depending on availability and finances. In this case the amount to be paid is spread over a longer period (approximately 36 to 48 months). Qualifications can be passed in different schools.


Cadet Training : It is often funded by an airline, which is free; the pilot is then hired at the end of the training by the company. To be eligible, you must write and speak fluently the language of the country of the airline and at least have a good level of English.However, some companies offer to join their cadet program via schools. The price of training then becomes very expensive.

The military way : Join one of the 3 armies (Air Force, Army, Navy). You will then be trained free to fly fighter, transport, or helicopter


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