March 2020 : NASA proposes to send your name to the red planet

A lack of ability to land on Mars, it is already possible to leave a trace. NASA offers until September 30 to ship your first and last name on the March 2020 router. This robot will take off in July 2020 and should be posted in February of the following year.

“As we learn to launch this historic Mars mission, we want everyone to participate in this exploration journey,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, astrophysicist and associate director of NASA’s science mission.


All the first and last names of the participants will be engraved on a chip of this robot, with a jet electron beam from the Propulsion Laboratory, a laboratory specialized in microcomponents. Each line measures about 75 nanometers, less than “one-thousandth of a human hair’s breadth,” says NASA. In total, one million names can be inscribed on a chip the size of a coin. To register, simply go to the NASA website and fill out the form: last name, first name, country and email address.

Participants can then pick up a personalized boarding pass.


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